Dutch designer Roy Wormsbecher (1991) was born and raised in the Netherlands. He grew up near Amsterdam, the beach and in an area that is known for its great steal factories. These surroundings had a huge impact on him as a boy and still affect his designs, which feature raw materials and have an industrial feel.

In 2016 Roy finished art academy in Utrecht, the Netherlands, and acquired a BA-degree in product design. Prior to art school, Roy attended technical school. During his education he acquired both technical know-how and craftsmanship skills. Consequently, both technological and design innovations persist in his work. 

In 2015 and 2016 Roy has worked on a series of lighting designs. The processing of materials, mostly a wide range of metals, is a recurring theme is these designs. The lighting designs have a high standard finish and are produced with an eye for quality and detail. The designs are both classic and modern, raw and sophisticated, but never loud and overstated.  

LED is the main light source in the designs Roy wishes to present at the Internationale Handwerksmesse. Whilst LED is often considered to be somewhat unpleasant in terms of atmosphere, Roy considers LED to be a high potential source of lighting, which just often is not applied in a way that uses the best of its advantages. That is why in his designs, Roy has decided not to conform to old lighting conventions and to apply LED in a rather innovative way. That is to say, in his designs LED light is dispersed through solid cylinders made of acrylic glass. This results in attractive lighting that creates a warm ambiance. 

The designs represent his general modus operandi; Roy always studies the specific character of a material before applying it. By experimenting with these characteristics and by mixing different materials, Roy aims to bring to light the best qualities of any given raw material.